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  • Whishy Cask Finish

    Versailles Whisky Finish

    NAT 116 | 59.0%
    Distillalion in a wooden pot still, and a long period of maturation followed by 54 months in ex-Scotch whisky casks, have given life to a full bodied but well-behaved rum.
  • Sherry Finish

    Port Mourant

    NAT 119 | 59.0%
    A medium bodied rum distilled in a double wooden pot still, with a moderately estery character enhanced by a finish for 22 months in refill Oloroso.
  • Sherry Finish


    NAT 118 | 57.7%
    Dark, concentrated, flamboyant it betrays its long maturation at the tropics in Cognac casks, followed by a continental finish of 42 months in refill Oloroso.
  • Whishy Cask Finish


    NAT 112 | 55.2%
    Traditionally made from molasses, this rum is very aromatic and balsamic as expected from this distillery, with a fresh, minty and oaky nose.
  • Peated Cask Finish


    NAT 111 | 57.7%
    Rich in esters and spicy according to the perfect Jamaican style, but made smoother, complex and luscious by 10 years of tropical maturation followed by a further period of refinement in Europe.
  • Caroni 23yo

    NAT 108 | 59.0%
    From the legendary closed Trinidad distillery, a rum with an extra touch of complexity.
  • Sherry Finish

    Versailles VSG 30yo

    NAT 107 | 56.8%
    A wonderfully intense and heavy rum from a traditional single pot wooden still.
  • Enmore 23yo Coffey Still

    NAT 105 | 59.0%
    A vatting of two very old rums of same age: one with 4 years finish in a sherry cask, and one with 3 years and half finish in a whisky barrel.
  • Jamaica 25yo Embassy N° 1

    NAT 82 | 51%
    Traditionally made from molasses, this rum is very aromatic and balsamic as expected from this distillery, with a fresh, minty and oaky nose.
  • Port Mourant 21yo Sherry Finish

    NAT 97 | 58.0%
    Very austere, with its tannic and dry intensity, it has a markedly aromatic palette rich of esters, black coffee, liquorice, gentian root and medicinal herbs.
  • Sherry Finish

    Caroni 22yo Sherry Finish

    NAT 96 | 57.4%
    Rarer and older than ever, a masterful rum from the silent Caroni distillery in Trinidad.
  • Whishy Cask Finish

    Diamond SV Whisky Finish

    NAT 99 | 59.0%
    A release of Diamond with less oak influence and with a very aromatic character.
  • Islay Cask Finish

    Enmore KFM Islay Cask

    NAT 98 | 59.0%
    A rum with a very estery and aromatic nose, and a taste that showcases the quality of the sugarcane.
  • Grand Arome

    Savanna Grand Arome

    NAT 102 | 62.6%
    The Grand Arôme denomination is reserved for rums which have undergone a slower fermentation of the molasses, which results in the maximum concentration of fruity and spicy flavours.
  • Rhum Traditionnel

    Savanna Traditionnel

    NAT 90 | 57.6%
    A mature Reunion rum with a particularly spicy influence, thanks to the 10 years spent in a cognac cask in the tropical climate of the island, followed two years in steel tanks in Europe.
  • Port Mourant

    NAT 91 | 57.6%
    An aromatic powerhouse of a rum, in a very estery style. Extremely warm, with enveloping notes of beeswax, very mineral and almost with a smoky touch.
  • Caroni 21yo

    NAT 86 | 57.9%
    A limited release from one of the last vintages of the now closed Caroni distillery.
  • Grand Arome

    Savanna Grand Arome

    NAT 87 | 62.7%
    This rum from the Island of Réunion, where it has matured for its first 10 years before resting in steel tanks in Europe, is called Grand Arôme because it offers a higher content of flavorsome esters due to the long and slow fermentation of the molasses.
  • Rhum Traditionnel

    Savanna Traditionnel

    NAT 88 | 62.8%
    A very intense rum with a strongly oaky touch due to 13 years spent in cognac casks in a tropical climate before being laid to rest in steel tanks in Europe.
  • Engenho Novo Amarone Cask

    NAT 84 | 52.0%
    This traditional distillery from Madeira made an experiment with an 18 months finish in casks of the heaviest, thickest and fruitiest Italian red wine: Amarone.
  • Engenho Novo Whiskey Cask

    NAT 68 | 52.0%
    Another full-bodied “agricole” rum from this very traditional distillery on the island of Madeira, this time fully matured in bourbon barrels.
  • Caroni “Islay Cask”

    NAT 80 | 59.2%
    A very rare rum from the legendary Caroni distillery, now closed forever.
  • Diamond SXG

    NAT 76 | 58.0%
    A particularly clean and dry rum from Diamond distillery in British Guyana, which fully retains the elegantly briny, medicinal and peppery character of the distillate.
  • Worthy Park

    NAT 75 | 58.0%
    After eight years of tropical maturation in the warm climate of Jamaica, we moved the casks of this lovely rum to cooler Europe to slow down influence from the oak and allow a slower and subtler evolution.
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