Engenho Novo

A very limited series of four delicious whole-sugarcane single cask dark rums from Madeira. This rum has been fully aged in a Madeira cask on the island of origin, and it showcases a very dark colour due to the long interaction with the oak. Its deep notes of strongly brewed black and red tea are matched by an extremely dry, winey and nutty character, a slightly maritime salty background, and a very tannic aftertaste with hints of cigar tobacco.

This rum has been fully matured at the distillery of origin, in a Tropical climate.

The effect of the warm weather and humidity speeds the maturation process and the interaction with the oak of the cask: the result is a rum which is already perfectly mature and fully expressive at a relatively young age, and a very bold flavour profile which differs from that of rums which have been aged only for a period in the Tropics and then in Europe for the remaining maturation period.

Choosing between the bold taste of  Tropical Ageing or the slower but subtler taste of Continental Ageing is a matter of personal preference, and the true connoisseur will enjoy tasting the difference between the two methods: since we consider this information important for the discriminating rum aficionado, we always declare it on the label!

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